The nSight 2020 Virtual Experience sessions cover a wide range of relevant and timely topics from other nCino leaders, customers and industry thought leaders.

Vision Twenty Twenty
As recent experiences have shown us, our world can change rapidly. If financial institutions are going to survive and thrive, they must be equipped with the tools to adapt quickly, intelligently and with agility. In this keynote session, Pierre Naudé, Chief Executive Officer at nCino, will share some key benefits nCino customers have experienced through the Bank Operating System, how nCino continues to invest in its product, its customers and its people, and why the future of the financial services industry will be defined by its ability to build on and embrace “The Intelligent Enterprise”.
Pierre NaudeCEO - nCino
The Intelligent Enterprise: nIQ + Your Future
The ability to interact across departments in your financial institutions and with your customers digitally and efficiently is what the agile enterprise is all about. At nCino we know it’s not enough to stop there, which is why we’re constantly looking toward the future, investing in the Bank Operating System and innovating new ways to support our customers. In this session, Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer at nCino, will discuss how nIQ, our artificial intelligence solution, can transform the way financial institutions operate, share a compelling story and demo of nIQ from both a banker’s and customer's point of view, offer a sneak peek into the nIQ roadmap and show how nCino is working to give financial institutions the information they need when they need it to power the Intelligent Enterprise.
Trisha PriceChief Product Officer - nCino
Ian DunnDirector, Portfolio Analytics - nCino
Bart JesmanDirector, Product Management - nCino
Nathan SnellChief Innovation Officer - nCino
Retail Banking: Executing on the Vision
Join Kendra Tolley, Director of Retail Product Management at nCino, as she shares the latest advancements in nCino’s Retail Banking Solution. You’ll learn about exciting updates such as the powerful new functionality around pricing, affordability and compliance, the ability to seamlessly open new lines of business, in new channels and new markets, and a better understanding of credit risk and pro-active fair lending. As nCino continues to execute on its vision, we are ensuring that the depth and breadth of this solution continues to transform the way financial institutions interact with and serve retail and small business customers.
Kendra TolleyDirector of Retail Product Management - nCino
Trisha PriceChief Product Officer - nCino
Ian DunnDirector, Portfolio Analytics - nCino
Commercial Banking: Executing on the Vision
Join Josh Marcy, Vice President of Product Management at nCino, as he shares the focus for nCino’s Commercial Banking Solution in 2020 and beyond. As we continue to innovate and invest into Spreads and other key analytic areas, financial institutions will see advancements to our Spreads solution that not only deliver high quality results but go beyond the initial data entry experience, as well as an expansion of collateral analysis and a focus on commercial pricing and profitability. With these new features and functionality, we are executing on our vision to help financial institutions provide the level of service customers expect, while generating more loans, reducing costs, and driving more revenue for your institution.
Josh MarcyVP, Product Management - nCino
Trisha PriceChief Product Officer - nCino
Colin FernandesDirector, Product Management - nCino
Great Southern Bank’s Single Platform Journey
After Great Southern Bank (GSB) implemented nCino in their commercial banking division, they quickly also decided to implement the nCino Retail Banking Solution for their consumer division, and will also be adding nCino’s Treasury Management Solution. In this session, Ryan Storey, Director of Loan Operations at GSB, and Kendra Tolley, Director of Retail Product Management at nCino, will discuss GSB’s journey to a single platform, how nCino has changed the day-to-day lives of the Bank’s employees and customers, and why challenging themselves to rethink how they run their business has helped them continue to serve their customers during the current crisis.
Ryan StoreyDirector of Loan Operations - Great Southern Bank
Kendra TolleyDirector of Retail Product Management - nCino
Enhancing Your nCino Experience with Easier Upgrades
nCino is making it easier than ever for your financial institution to reap the full benefits of the Bank Operating System. In this session, Dory Weiss, Vice President of Engineering at nCino, will share how nCino is investing to ensure that our customers are able to more quickly and easily stay up-to-date on product releases, including increased control of when and how new features are turned on, detailed test guidance documents on what has changed in a release so that you can focus your testing efforts in the right place, and push upgrades that make it faster and safer to roll out updates.
Dory WeissVP, Engineering - nCino
Continuous Innovation through our Salesforce Partnership
As the third largest ISV in the Salesforce ecosystem and a summit partner, nCino is able to quickly respond to changes in the market while providing our customers with the cutting-edge technology they need to remain competitive. In this session, Dory Weiss, Vice President of Engineering at nCino, will share how this strong partnership benefits financial institutions, using the recent example of the implementation of the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program as a timely and relevant example.
Dory WeissVP, Engineering - nCino
The Power of Culture in Times of Change
One thing our current crisis has made clear to all organizations is the importance of a strong company culture, a stellar reputation, and state-of-the-art technology. This is especially true for the financial services industry, which is playing a unique role in the recovery of the American economy. In this engaging session, Pam Kilday, former Head of Operations at SunTrust Bank and a member of nCino’s Board of Directors, and Josh Glover, Chief Revenue Officer at nCino, will discuss the importance of company culture when responding to unprecedented challenges and opportunities, how the cloud enables financial institutions to react quickly and with agility, and why a strong reputation can help your organization before, during and after times of change.
Pam KildayFormer EVP, Head of Operations - SunTrust Bank
Josh GloverChief Revenue Officer - nCino
Evolutionary and Revolutionary Changes in Banking
Financial institutions are currently facing both the evolutionary changes they’ve been dealing with for years, as well as new revolutionary changes wrought by COVID-19 and the current economic crisis, which are having a dramatic impact on the industry as we speak. In this session Tom Brown, CEO and President of Second Curve Capital, will explore the current landscape of the financial services industry, the long term effects COVID-19 will have on banks and credit unions, and how institutions should change and adapt now so they can successfully weather the next crisis.
Thomas K. BrownCEO and Founder - Second Curve Capital
The Rise of the Bank Command Center
In the midst of the current economic crisis, leaders across the financial services industry often feel like they are operating out of a war room. As they mobilize their teams and plan their next move, a number of strategies have proven to be especially effective in surviving and thriving the challenges caused by COVID-19. In this session, Sam Kilmer and Steve Williams of Cornerstone Advisors share how financial institutions are stabilizing their business, situating a fresh path forward, and executing new plans based on shifting priorities with the help of powerful analytics.
Steve WilliamsPresident and Partner - Cornerstone Advisors
Sam KilmerSenior Director - Cornerstone Advisors
CKV’s Single Platform Journey with nCino

The Belgian Bank Centrale Kredietverlening (CKV) selected nCino’s Bank Operating System in early 2019 as an end-to-end solution that combined customer relationship management (CRM), customer onboarding, loan origination, loan servicing and deposit account opening. In this session, Emmanuel Lambert, Digital Transformation Lead at CKV, and Nathaniel Ward, Regional Vice President at nCino, will discuss CKV’s journey to a single platform, the bank’s decision to be an early adopter of nCino in Europe and how nCino has changed the day-to-day lives of the Bank’s employees and customers before and during the current crisis.

Emmanuel LambertDigital Transformation Lead - CKV
Nathaniel WardRegional Vice President - nCino
Build vs. Buy: Why Yorkshire Building Society Chose nCino

The Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) implemented the nCino Bank Operating System to usher in its next phase of growth of commercial lending, and provide its employees with a modern, cloud-based system to make faster decisions and provide funding more quickly to its customers. Deployed in record time, nCino's cloud-based platform has enabled the Society to effectively digitise its processes, experience immediate benefits to their business activity and increase their levels of productivity. In this session, Jake Brook, MI, Systems & Governance Lead Commercial Lending at YBS, and Dan Broadhurst, Regional Vice President at nCino, will discuss how YBS has been utilising nCino, which aspects of the nCino Bank Operating System have added value to the daily lives of their employees and customers, and what other Financial Institutions who are at the crossroads between building their own software vs. buying an existing technology should do.

Jake BrookMI, Systems & Governance Lead, Commercial Lending - YBS
Dan BroadhurstRegional Vice President - nCino
From Crisis to Control: A COVID-19 Economic Update
As experts try to predict the impact of COVID-19 on the real economy, many questions emerge. How is today’s consumer different from the consumer of 2008, when the last recession took place? How can financial institutions mitigate risk while helping their customers through this uncertain and unprecedented time? Are we likely to experience a V, U or L-shaped recovery, and what are the implications of each one? We will also discuss the unprecedented actions the Federal Reserve is now taking to shore up the financial system, the challenges and opportunities created by the current economic crisis, and the impact these will have on financial institutions across the country and around the globe. During this presentation, attendees will gain a better understanding of:
  • The key indicators to assess the health of the labor market;
  • Why the consumer is positioned differently in this recession compared to the last; and
  • The actions the Federal Reserve has taken to date, the impact of those actions on the financial services industry, and effect of the proposed actions on the real economy.
Taylor Nadauld, PhDChief Economist - nCino
Ian DunnDirector, Portfolio Analytics - nCino
Don't Panic, Just Fly the Plane
Financial institutions have long talked about earnings and efficiencies. While those concepts are still important, many bank CEOs have added "agility" to the list of qualities that are important for their institutions' success. In this session Al Dominick, CEO at DirectorCorps, will share the three qualities needed to be a truly agile leader, why a strong culture is vital to surviving the current crisis, and how the technology and the financial services sectors are intertwined, providing true opportunities to help one another if we just take the time to listen.
Al DominickCEO - DirectorCorps
Fast and Efficient: How Huntingdon Valley Bank Leveraged nCino's Accelerated Delivery Model
Huntingdon Valley Bank knew a digital platform was key to staying relevant and being competitive in the commercial space. They also knew nCino was the right solution to help them get there - but only if it could be implemented in less than 90 days. In this session, Hugh Connelly, EVP and Chief Lending Officer at Huntingdon Valley Bank, shares his experience with nCino's accelerated delivery model, which meets the needs of financial institutions looking to quickly and cost effectively implement nCino in less than six months, and why getting out of the gate quickly and never looking back was key to the Bank's success.
Hugh ConnellyEVP, Chief Lending Officer - Huntingdon Valley Bank
James RankinDirector of Solution Services - nCino
Transforming Programs and Remote Delivery in Times of Change
Financial institutions are facing some of their most challenging times since the global financial crisis of 2008. As their customers face financial hardship and governments look to the banking system to distribute support for businesses, bankers are under incredible pressure to meet new demands. Leaders at institutions that are able to continue driving their digital transformation agenda during this time have a unique opportunity to approach projects with renewed purpose, leverage the current sense of urgency to build momentum, and transform their business. In this session Mark Bernhardi, General Manager-APAC at nCino, will share strategies for delivering digital transformation even while working remotely. He will also be joined by Mandy Dwyer, Head of Business Transformation at ASB, who will share how her team has adjusted to our new normal.
Mark BernhardiGeneral Manager, APAC - nCino
Mandy DwyerHead of Business Transformation - ASB
nCino Spreads: How to Be Successful from Implementation to Optimization
Implementing a new spreading solution can be a significant investment for your institution. To help you make the most of this investment, three members of the nCino team will discuss how your financial institution can gain efficiency and insights from nCino Spreads thanks to the single platform nCino Bank Operating System. Whether you’re a Credit Analyst, Chief Credit Officer, nCino Admin, or in Compliance, this session will focus on demonstrating how your function can be successful using nCino spreads.
Brian LeathermanPrincipal Product Specialist - nCino
Rick NorrisManager, Credit Solutions Advisors - nCino
Blake FortierPortfolio Manager - nCino
Preparing Your People: The Not-So-Secret Strategy for Success with nCino
Sustainable success in a digital environment is driven by how deeply users adopt the new technology, which drives higher ROI on your investment, greater employee satisfaction, and dramatically better experiences for your customers. While it’s easy to focus on the technology, it is equally important to prepare your people for change. You need a plan to get (and keep) your leaders aligned and get (and keep) your people ready for the changes that impact every part of your process. In this session, we will provide invaluable methods to help you manage resistance, illuminate blind spots, and prepare your people for the changes nCino brings.
Greg ThompsonDirector, Change Management - nCino
Tracie ConnerManager, Community & Regional Project Delivery - nCino
Keegan SwartleyAssociate Manager, Support Engineering - nCino
Rita KusterChief Credit Officer - St. Louis Bank
Omni-Awesome: Creating Seamless Retail Experiences
What if you had full transparency into every aspect of the origination process? What if your customer did too? In this session, we’ll share how nCino enables your users to gain full visibility into the retail loan origination process, from all channels and at all stages. You will see an application process from a customer’s point of view, offers made to an applicant, and internal employee view of the loan. By the end of our journey, you will understand how this revolutionary end-to-end customer and user experience will transform the way you do business and help you best serve your customers.
Brett DooiesPortfolio Manager - nCino
Lauryn GodwinProduct Specialist - nCino
Daniel HendersonAssociate Manager, Product Management - nCino
Advanced Troubleshooting Tactics
Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and neither does software. The good news is that with nCino, you are never nTrouble! In this session, we will take a deep dive into addressing the five key elements for troubleshooting an issue. We will also explore a few tools that can be leveraged to assist in tracking down the cause of an issue. At the end of this session, you’ll be armed with the skills to troubleshoot any issue and become an nCino hero at your institution.
Jay RaleighData Support Engineer - nCino
Drew FosterEnterprise Consultant - nCino
Environmental Awareness: How to Structure Environments & Processes for Best Use
Innovation is at the heart of nCino, and as a result the Bank Operating System is always enhancing and expanding. What is the best method to test enhancements and new functionality AND ultimately get this out to your team? In this session, we will discuss the technical process of deploying enhancements and new features across environments by raising the administrators’ awareness of the strategies employed by nCino implementation teams.
Daniel Searle-SprattSenior Enterprise Implementation Consultant - nCino
Maria MalczynSenior Implementation Consultant - nCino
3 Practical Loan Analytics Tips for Today's Economic Environment
“Big data” and “analytics” are trends that have dominated the banking industry for years. However, as the global economy reels from the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 health crisis, these phrases have evolved from buzzwords to lifelines. In this session, we will review three practical analytics tips that can help assess the risk lurking in your loan portfolio. Attendees will walk away with simple yet powerful report examples, providing a solid foundation for data-informed decision-making that will transform your institution’s approach to lending.
Rob CraigAssociate Director, Customer Success - nCino
Nicole HaverlySenior Manager, Customer Success Managers - nCino
Best Practices in Analyzing Your Deposit Portfolio
In the changing economic landscape in which we live, you need the right tools to make the most of your deposit strategies. It’s all about knowing your data and how to use it to your advantage in order to make educated decisions regarding your deposit portfolio. In this session, we'll look at some basic reporting a financial institution should have to set themselves up for success.
Ian DunnDirector, Portfolio Analytics - nCino
Nicole HaverlySenior Manager, Customer Success Managers - nCino
Getting CECL Right: The Key Steps to Calculating Your Allowance
CECL represents one of the most significant accounting changes for financial institutions in decades. This session will provide helpful strategies to ensure that you're getting it right. Attendees will hear the latest news and regulatory updates on CECL and receive an overview of the key steps to calculating your allowance for credit losses.
Scott BlakesleeSenior Product Manager - nCino
Methodology Madness: How to Properly Assess CECL Methods
There are various CECL-compliant loss rate methods to choose from, but how do you know which method is most appropriate for your institution? This session will provide a framework to help institutions properly assess CECL methods and determine which ones are most appropriate for their portfolio.
Nathan KingManager, Portfolio Analytics Delivery - nCino
You Should Probably Be Using Probability of Default
Think probability of default is only good for CECL? Think again. In this session, we will illustrate how probability of default models are beneficial in and out of CECL. This will include topics such as loss given default (LGD), macroeconomic factors, early detection, and loss prediction.
Gonzalo PotzschRegional Vice President, Portfolio Analytics - nCino
Rachel MilesDirector, Analytics - nCino
nIQ Data Recognition for Financial Statements
In 2019, nCino acquired FinSuite to bring the company's market leading data extraction and automation capabilities onto the nCino platform. In this session Bart Jesman, Director of Product Management at nCino, shares the benefits of nIQ Data Recognition (NDR) for financial statements, as well as a demo that shows how we are progressing with the development of these new capabilities.
Bart JesmanDirector, Product Management - nCino
From Administration to End-User: Enhancements to nCino’s Credit Memo Feature
nCino's Credit Memo feature is the primary means of consolidating and communicating the details of commercial loan analysis and helps paint the picture of a borrower's or entity's financial condition, ongoing viability and capacity to meet obligations. We are excited to release a new version of this feature, which will be available to all nCino customers as part of the Spring 2020 release. In this session, nCino Product Manager George Dimopoulos will highlight the benefits of the enhanced Credit Memo feature and share some feedback from early adopters. The session will end with an exciting demonstration of the new and improved Credit Memo feature in action.
George DimopoulosProduct Manager - nCino